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Monarch Christian Schools invites you to Discover Academic Excellence in a Christian Hands-On Montessori Learning Environment

Monarch Christian Schools believe that each child is a unique individual and values the optimum development of the whole child. Our schools provide a solid academic foundation which stresses the basic fundamentals of learning from a Godly perspective. There is emphasis on Christian character development, stressing integrity, manners, obedience, respect for authority and self-discipline. Our schools seek to reinforce standards as set forth in the Bible.





Christian and Montessori

Monarch Christian Schools are based on Christian, Biblical principles and beliefs. A strong foundation in the basics is blended with the “hands-on” Montessori techniques. With this program, the children are exposed to a great amount of learning. The blended techniques create a unique educational package where children can grow to their fullest potential. Therefore, teaching the total child, spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially helps him/her to receive a happy balanced life. The child is intrinsically motivated to select appropriately from a teacher prepared environment. This environment offers attractive, practical, stimulating materials that meet the needs of each child. The teacher gives guidance and encouragement accordingly.

Our Students Excel In

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The Montessori materials and methods incorporate seeing, hearing, and doing. Studies have shown that if you use one sense, for example hearing and you don’t have the seeing and doing, you will only have about 30% effectiveness. If you have the combination of any two, you will have about 50% effectiveness, but when you incorporate all three you have about 80% effectiveness. Our goal is to incorporate all three senses for the greatest possible effectiveness in learning.



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What Our Parents Are Saying…

We cannot say enough good things about MCA. We have three children who have all attended MCA.

My family is so thankful to have found Monarch Christian Academy in the Summer of 2013.

This is an absolute hidden gem. We moved from another state and we visited a huge list of daycares/academies before deciding on Monarch.

This is a jewel of a place that has a perfect blend of religion and education.

Best preschool around!! I have two children at Monarch and one that will go in about a year and we love this school.

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Monarch Christian School