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Program Overview


Our program involves Biblical teachings and prayer which are non-denominational. We have a structured Montessori work time with math, reading, language, geography, botany, zoology, computers, and art, music and PE.


The Montessori materials and methods incorporate seeing, hearing, and doing. Studies have shown that if you use one sense, for example hearing and you don't have the seeing and doing, you will only have about 30% effectiveness. If you have the combination of any two, you will have about 50% effectiveness, but when you incorporate all three you have about 80% effectiveness. Our goal is to incorporate all three senses for the greatest possible effectiveness in learning.


With the Montessori techniques, the children will have concrete experiences to help them to understand concepts and as the children learn and grow, we move them towards the more abstract concepts.


Basic Services


We provide a Christian Montessori program for the development of the child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical,
emotional, and social needs.


We accept enrollment for children age 2, (potty trained) up to 6 years old.


We offer half-day and full day programs year- round.The half-day program is offered for preschool students only.


Kindergarten is a full day program with extended care options.




The teaching staff consists of carefully selected Christian teachers who love children!


Our preschool teachers hold a minimum of 12 E.C.E. units, but the majority of our teaching staff holds advanced degrees, in addition to on-site Montessori training.


Monarch Christian Schools are state recognized.


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