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Elementary Program


Kindergarten - 5 Grade


We are pleased to announce that Monarch Christian School will open our elementary school in September 2011! Our approach, academic philosophy and methods of the elementary school will be identical to our existing preschools but at a higher grade level. We will continue to offer a loving, family environment where students are encouraged to reach their academic potential. At the same time, we will emphasize the importance of character development and encourage our students to grow in their relationships with God. Our program will continue to incorporate Montessori techniques, methods, and materials and use them in combination with other grade-level appropriate curriculum and textbook materials. We are committed to developing God’s best for each student on every level— academically, spiritually, physically, morally and socially.



Our language program, from the very beginning level, teaches language skills using Montessori materials. Supplemental textbooks and workbooks will be used to enhance the curriculum. High priority is placed on the development of listening skills. Clear articulation and correct pronunciation are always stressed. Our students have a reputation for reading well above their grade level. They read with enjoyment and with the utmost confidence. Strong emphasis is given to the development of reading comprehension skills, including the ability to identify main ideas and supporting details. The student will learn how to make comparisons and form conclusions; develop handwriting skills, including the rules of correct spelling; develop vocabulary through the knowledge and use of phonics, word recognition skills, context clues, prefixes, suffixes, root words and dictionary usage, including the understanding and use of grammar. Students explore the world of literature through excerpts and novels, poems and short stories. Creative writing is encouraged, allowing the student to use a variety of forms of written expression, based on his/her own experiences.



The Program objectives are to:

Develop and extend the student's understanding of basic concepts at each level through utilization of hands-on Montessori materials.

Utilize the Montessori materials for the purpose of building concepts of numbers, patterns, and the basic mathematical operations.

Develop and maintain computational skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by using them to solve rich, challenging problems.

Develop the concepts of rational numbers, including basic algebraic concepts.

Develop and extend the student's understanding of basic concepts at each level through utilization of hands-on Montessori materials.

Promote understanding of charts, tables, and statistics to make predictions and inferences; develops the student's ability to solve problems in all areas of measurement (linear, weight, mass/volume, time, area, money, and temperature).

Develop knowledge of geometry and an interest and proficiency in solving geometric problems.

Provide opportunities to solve a variety of rich, challenging problems in all math strands (pattern-fractions, measurement, logic, statistics-probability, numbers, and geometry) and how to apply the study of mathematics to everyday life.



The science program covers topics in life, earth, and physical sciences. Included are the studies of: the vastness and organization of the universe, living things and how they are affected by the environment, the human body, health education, health practices, and nutrition. In order to stimulate their minds and curiosity, as well as to prove the basic concepts of various disciplines in science, the students are given the opportunity to conduct experiments and utilize many hands-on materials.


Social Studies

The student will develop an awareness of the world as a system, which undergoes constant changes, politically, economically, and culturally.


The Social Studies curriculum will:

Provide opportunities for the student to investigate cultural inheritances and their dependence on geography and history.

Provide opportunities for the student to investigate a variety of cultural heritages, in the classroom and local environment. It also includes the study of how social systems are shaped by the values of interacting groups, the individual, the family and the community.

Provide opportunities for the student to apply problem-solving activities and techniques as well as critical thinking skills to study social issues.

Provide opportunities for the student to develop the ability to read and interpret various types of maps, charts and tables.



Each class has a daily Bible time. Lessons are from a non-denominational perspective teaching the children about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through different media, the children will learn about character values such as obedience, love, friendship, kindness, and respect for authority, self-discipline, faithfulness, and self-control. The children have regular prayer and singing during Bible time.


Physical Education

We understand the importance of physical education to the total well being of the child. The children will learn the basic skills necessary to be competitive in team sports as well as the godly attitude necessary to be successful in life.


Students will learn the motor skills required in performing various physical activities.

Students will learn principles and strategies to maintain a level of physical fitness for the purpose of good health and performance



The music program at Monarch Christian School provides all students the opportunity not only to become musically educated, but musically cultured. Throughout the academic year, students experience music as an art form by getting a close-up look into the lives of music greats such as Beethoven, Mozart, Ellington and Gillespie. Vocal training is advanced by improving vocal skills with a diverse repertoire of Christian songs for all ages. We aim to provide a musical experience that your child will never forget.


Computer Lab

Every student in the elementary school will receive guidance and training in basic computer skills. We will focus on the development of keyboard and word processing skills. Classroom teachers will be able to utilize the computer lab to incorporate computers into each of their subject areas.


Extended Care

Our extended day program offers far more than just daycare. We have developed a fun and educational afternoon program to finish off our day. Children will experience arts/crafts, computers, music, sports skills, foreign language classes, as well as homework assistance. We are always looking for new fun and educational activities to supplement our afternoon program.



Students will take the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) at the end of the school year.




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